A man plays the same lottery numbers twice -- 그리고 가지고 $  200,000 to show for it

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You know how they say that anything worth doing is worth doing twice?

잘, a man in South Carolina must have taken it to heartand now he has $ 200,000 to show for it.
The man went to a package store in the town of Summerville and bought two tickets with the same number: 2, 4, 5, 6, 9.
      If I’m going to play it once, more is better,” he told South Carolina Lottery officials.
        And it was: Each of the tickets netted him $ 100,000.
          Lottery officials said the odds of winning $ 100,000 playing Palmetto Cash 5 아르 1 에 501,942.
            하나, you can look at this story as a glass half-full or half-empty tale.
            당신은, the man was just a dollar away from another $ 100케이.
            Had hePowered-Upfor just an additional $ 1, 그만큼 $ 100,000 top prize would have tripled to $ 300,000 when a three was drawn.

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