A Mexican cartel ambush left members of a Mormon family dead; now Lara Logan sits down with the survivors

The children who survived the massacre sat down with Nación Fox en ‘Lara Logan Investigates to share their story of survival and healing.

Survivor Kylie Langford told Fox Nation’s Lara Logan that she was sitting in the front of the car and the family saw the gunmen at the top of the mountain. The survivors detailed the horror they endured as they ducked to shield themselves from the bullets.

The kids (fueron) just panicking,” survivor Devin Langford recalled the tragedy. “They were trying to grab stuff out of the back of the truck to cover themselves.

Kylie said the shooting, which lasted a few minutes, felt like forever. When the gunmen finally stopped firing, one of the men whohad a black mask on with black vest,” according to McKenzie Langford, came down to the car, opened the door and told the children to leave.

Kylie told Nación Fox how she and her other siblings fled from the cartel. She carried two of the children down a hill for thirty minutes after being shot in the foot.

After hours of hardship, the eight survivors were reunited with their families and taken to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.

This tragedy is one of the countless that happen at the hands of cartels.

Kenny Miller, who lost his daughter-in-law and grandchildren in the tragedy, spoke about how many people are scared to speak up because they are terrified of what the cartels would do to them.

“los… terrorists from Afghanistan and Iraqare not any worse than these here… y, as far as I’m concerned, these are a lot worse,” él dijo. “These are right on the doorstep of America.


Through an unrivaled tribulation, the family spoke to Nación Fox about healing and turning to Dios in their times of trouble.

There is a saying that suffering is like swimming in the ocean and it comes in waves,” David Langford, who lost his wife and two of his children, remarked. “Some of the waves are 20 pies de profundidad, and you feel like you are sunk but you can swim to the top. You either put your chin up or you get bitter.

“Dios…. can bring good things out of tragedy if we trust in Him,” él agregó.

Langford expressed how he makes sure to remember the miracles that happened throughout the horrific event, such as finding the children who survived the massacre.

In all of these little thingsI think that’s where I find solace,” él dijo. “(I) count the miracles that really happened that night instead of focusing on the tragedy — and I think that we are going to get through it as a family.

The Mexican government created a memorial to honor the nine victims and their collective faith in God. The memorial, located in La Mora, depicts the family resting under an angel named Moroni- a symbol of their Mormon faith.


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