A new California law bans sharing crime scene photos after images leaked of Kobe Bryant's chopper crash

A California bill inspired by leaked photos of the helicopter crash that killed Kobe Bryant passed this weak, banning law enforcement from sharing graphic crime scene photos off the job.

캘리포니아 정부. Gavin Newsom signed an invasion of privacy bill on Monday which would make it illegal for first responders to share photos of a deceased person at a crime scenefor any purpose other than an official law enforcement purpose.
AB 2655 was first introduced by Assemblymember Mike Gipson after Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies allegedly shared graphic photos of the wreckage of the helicopter crash that killed NBA legend Bryant, his daughter Gianna and seven others earlier this year. In a tweet celebrating the bill’s passage, Gipson called it theKobe Bryant Act of 2020.
이번달 초, Bryant’s widow Vanessa sued the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and Sheriff Alex Villanueva over the sharing of the images.
    추락 당일, Lost Hills Sheriff ’s Station에 모인 가족 구성원들은 보안관이 충돌 현장을 확보했다고 보장했습니다.. 하나, 부서의 누출, CNN에서 얻은 소송에 따르면, TMZ가 뉴스 속보로 이어지고 팬들이 사이트로 몰려 들었습니다..
    “하지만 희생자들의 신성함에 대한 가장 큰 위협은’ 보안관 부서 자체로 입증 된,” 여덟 명의 대의원으로 “개인 휴대폰을 꺼내고 죽은 아이들의 사진을 찍었습니다, 부모님, 및 코치. 대표단은 개인적인 만족을 위해이 사진을 찍었습니다.,” 소송 상태.
      Vanessa Bryant also filed a wrongful death lawsuit earlier this year against the helicopter companies and pilot who died in the crash.
      Under the newKobe Bryant Act,” beginning in 2021, a first responder who is found guilty of the misdemeanor crime may be fined up to $ 1,000 per violation.

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