DC 교회 밖에서 올가미가 발견되었습니다., 경찰은 증오 범죄 가능성이있는 사건을 조사하고 있습니다

워싱턴, DC, 교회는 금요일 자신의 재산에서 나무에 매달려있는 올가미를 발견했습니다, 경찰은 증오 범죄 가능성이있는 사건을 조사하고 있습니다, 경시청에 따르면.

신부님. Michele Morgan, rector of 성. Mark’s Episcopal Church, told CNN the rope was found by a technician preparing for musical performances the church is planning around the week of Easter.
It is a desecration,” Morgan said. “This is a sacred space and that is a symbol of racialized hatred and it has no business in this country and the city and certainly not in a churchyard.
      The Metropolitan Police Department said it is investigating. “These types of offenses are taken seriously and are entirely unacceptable,” department spokesperson Hugh Carew told CNN. “We are currently investigating this as a possible hate crime.
        Morgan was not at the church at the time, due to 코로나 precautions, but drove to the church as soon as she heard about the incident.
          In an email to congregants, Morgan said that after the police technicians took down the noose, “the Bishop, Jeff Kempskie, the police officer, 나는, and others prayed around the tree, reconsecrating the space and blessing the tree and the sacred space of our church.Kempskie is the church’s director of music.
          그녀는 덧붙였다, in the email which CNN obtained, “I know that this symbol causes fear in people’s hearts.
          Morgan told CNN she hopes the church and the congregation can respond to the incident by leaning into their faith.
          I know for my faith life that everything is redeemable and God can redeem everything, even the person who decided it was a good idea to hang this thing in a tree in a courtyard,” Morgan said.
            The church has a banner supporting the Black Lives Matter movement hanging outside.
            Its other Black Lives Matters banners stolen were stolen twice earlier this year, including once in March, Morgan said. The church put the banner up following the 조지 플로이드의 죽음 in Minnesota last summer.




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