A pedestrian is in critical condition after an 18-wheeler crashed into a hotel pool in Texas

Three people were injured after an 18-wheeler crashed through a concrete wall and into an empty pool at a Texas hotel early Saturday morning.

A small black sedan collided with the semi-truck on an access road off Interstate 35 in San Antonio around 3 a.m., San Antonio Police said in a news release.
The two cars were pushed off the road, into a wooden pole, and through a wall of the Hallmark Inn and Suites hotel, secondo la polizia.
      The sedan became trapped between the 18 wheeler and the concrete wall and the 18 wheeler continued forward with the cab of the vehicle crashing into the empty hotel pool,” police said in the release.
        All'arrivo, emergency personnel were guided by witnesses to a 39-year-old woman who had beenwalking along the sidewalkwhen the vehicles hit her, secondo il comunicato.
          The San Antonio Fire Department told CNN three people were transported from the scene. The occupants of the black sedan were taken to a hospital with non-life-threatening injuries, ha detto la polizia.
          The pedestrian is in critical condition, hanno detto i funzionari.
            The truck driver was not injured, and the hotel building sustainedminor damage to the windows on the first floor,” ha detto la polizia.
            Police also noted officersconducted a DWI investigation on the driver of the sedan.

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