A perfectly preserved Ice Age cave bear has been found in Russia -- even its nose is intact

The perfectly preserved remains of an Ice Age cave bear have been discovered in the Russian Arcticthe first example of the species ever to be found with soft tissues intact.

The astonishing find was made by reindeer herders on the Lyakhovsky Islands, which are part of the New Siberian islands archipelago in Russia’s Far North.
The bear could be as much as 39,500 年.

これより以前に, only the bones of cave bears had been unearthed, but this specimen even had its nose intact, according to a team of scientists from the North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU) に Yakutsk, Siberia.
The discovery is ofworld importance,” a leading Russian expert on extinct Ice Age species said.
    ステートメント released by the university, scientist Lena Grigorieva said: “Today this is the first and only find of its kinda whole bear carcass with soft tissues. It is completely preserved, with all internal organs in place including even its nose.
    “以前は, only skulls and bones were found. This find is of great importance for the whole world.
    The adult animal was found by a group of reindeer herders, who then transferred the right to research the specimen to the NEFU, which is at the forefront of research into extinct woolly mammoths and rhinos.
    According to the team, the cave bear (Ursus spelaeus) is a prehistoric species or sub-species that lived in Eurasia in the Middle and Late Pleistocene period and became extinct some 15,000 数年前. Preliminary analysis suggests the bear is between 22,000 そして 39,500 年.
    Maxim Cheprasov, senior researcher from the Mammoth Museum laboratory in Yakutsk, said in the statement: “It is necessary to carry out radiocarbon analysis to determine the precise age of the bear.
      Scientists have not yet been able to visit the site of the discoverythe ancient carcass was found a long way from Yakutsk, which itself is more than 5,000 miles from Moscow.
      Significant discoveries, including mammoths, woolly rhinos, Ice Age foal, several puppies and cave lion cubs, have been made in Siberia in recent years as the permafrost melts.




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