A Pitch of Faith: Fox Nation explores the medical downfall, comeback of Yankee prospect Ty Hensley

フォックスネーション takes a look at the medical tribulations of the オクラホマ native, and how he is defying the odds and rising again athletically in the United Shore Professional Baseball League (USPBL) and the American Association of Professional Baseball (AAPB).

Selected by the Bronx Bombers in the first round of the 2012 ドラフト, turning down college ball at Ole Miss, Hensley tells Fox Nation how he was overjoyed at the opportunity.

Hensley began his professional career in the Yankee’s minor league affiliate in Tampa, but tragedy struck during a team training outing to the Dominican Republic.

The pitcher told Fox Nation that he heard apopin his stomach area while pitching in the D.R., and upon showing Yankee staff, was rushed back to the United States for medical attention.

Fox Nation also spoke with Dr. Bryan Kelly, a renowned New York orthopaedic surgeon, who soonafter the abdominal injury, operated on both of Hensley’s hips.

After one of the surgeries, Hensley developed what his mother told Fox Nation was deemed a “生命を脅かす” infection.

He was rushed from a Tampa hospital to New York to be seen by Kelly, and an infected abscess was removed.

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He came through the front door to my office and I thought I’m glad he made it because he looked absolutely terrible,” recalled Kelly.

From that point, the Fox Nation special, “Pitch of Faith”, chronicles his eventual return to playing ball, before being sidelined by another injury, this time in his elbow.

But the persistent Hensley pressed forward, with his most recent career reaching its pinnacle in August 2020 when he pitched a no-hitter for the Utica (Mich.) Unicorns against the Eastside (デトロイト) Diamond Hoppers of the USBPL.

1月に 2021, Hensley most recently signed with the AAPB’s Milwaukee Milkmen.

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