A police officer rescued his own family from a house fire while on duty

Imagine being a police officer responding to a call for a family trapped in a burning house fire, then realizing that the house is yours.

Anthony Louie, a police officer in Oklahoma, lived through this nightmare.
Louie was working a shift at the Seminole Police Department on Friday when he and another officer responded to a report of a fire at Louie’s home, Seminole Police Chief Jon Winters told CNN.
Two of Louie’s sons, età 7 e 14, were still inside, Winters said. Louie was able to get rescue his children, but was badly burned in the process.
    Upon entering the residence he had to run through the flame-engulfed porch and in doing so sustained serious burns and smoke inhalation injuries,” the Seminole Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 138 said on its pagina Facebook.
    fortunatamente, the rest of Louie’s family wasn’t injured. The two sons he rescued were unscathed and Louie’s third child was at another family member’s home, Winters said. Sua moglie, Lureena Louie, had just left the house to go to work.
    Louie remains in the hospital, where he is being treated for his injuries.
    In un file updated post, Lodge 138 shared instructions on how to donate money to the family, which lost clothing and other household items in the fire.
    The house isn’t completely burnt to the ground, but it is a total loss,” Winters said. “There’s smoke and water damage throughout the entire home.
    Withers told CNN the cause of the fire isn’t known yet, but that the state fire marshal’s office is investigating. Seminole is located about 60 miles west of Oklahoma City. The city’s population is 7,041, secondo l'US Census Bureau.
    Withers said Louie’s family and the entire police department are touched by the sheer volume of donations and calls they’ve received.
    It’s very overwhelming,” Wither said. “But it’s comforting to know, with the amount of support that we’ve received, quella (la sua famiglia) will be able to recover. I know he’s looking forward to coming back to work, and it’s nice to know that our community has our back.
      The police department has been sharing updates of Louie’s health on its pagina Facebook.
      We are so thankful that Officer Louie is ok after his heroic act of service. We never know what type of call we will respond to when we are on the job,” the department wrote in a Facebook post.

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