A poll number that should worry Democrats

For a brief moment in early 2021, not everyone hated Congress, 超过 1 在 3 Americans in Gallup polling saying they 其实 approved of the job the House and Senate were doing.

It was the briefest of honeymoons, 然而. Less than a year later, new Gallup numbers show that just 18% of people approve of the job Congress is doing, the lowest that number has been since Joe Biden became President.
    Here’s why that’s worrisome for Democrats:
      1) 谁都知道 — or will know by Election Day 2022 — that Democrats are in control of the House and Senate (not to mention the White House).
        2) Democrats have gone from thrilled at how Congress was doing (61% approval in January 2021) to decidedlymeh” (26% 赞同) in the space of the last year.
          “民主党人’ approval of Congress fell as infighting among Democratic legislators held up passage of Biden’s climate change and social spending bill. With Biden’s legislative agenda still stalled, 民主党人’ latest 26% approval of the legislative branch is the lowest it has been in a year.
            Here’s what it all 手段: Not only will the general unhappiness directed toward Congress fall more heavily on the majority party this November, but the fact that the Democratsbase is something well short of energized suggests they may have trouble getting core supporters to turn out to vote.
            重点: It’s yet another data point to suggest that historical trendswhich point to major seat losses in the first midterm election of a president’s tenureare playing out in 2022 exactly as we would expect. Which is very bad news for Democrats.




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