A rapidly growing southern California fire forced 500 evacuations, los funcionarios dicen

Sobre 500 residents were evacuated from a San Diego County campground over the weekend as officials work to contain a rapidly growing wildfire.

The blazedubbed the Southern Firehas scorched more than 6,500 acres and is about 25% contained, de acuerdo a California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection, or Cal Fire.
Firefighters continue to improve containment line,” fire officials wrote in a Pío el domingo.
      But since the fire’s start, weather conditions only helped fuel the spread of the blaze.
        Fire officials first reported a vegetation fireon Great Southern Overland, in the community of Shelter Valley” en sábado, warning the fire had acritical rate of spreadand that evacuations had begun.
          The fire was about 40 hectáreas, los funcionarios dijeron.
          Less than two hours later, fire officials dicho the blaze was about 1,200 hectáreas, adding three structures had been destroyed.
          By Sunday morning, the fire had more than doubled to 2,900 hectáreas.
            Strong winds of 40-60 mph were observed overnight,” funcionarios dicho early Sunday.
            Shelter Valley is more than 70 miles northeast of San Diego.

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