A Sarah Palin Senate bid is Lisa Murkowski's dream scenario

ニュースがインターネットを明るくした: サラペイリン — はい, そのサラペイリン — 上院に立候補するための扉を開いた 2022.

“神が私にそれをしてほしいのなら, 私はそうします,” Palin said when asked whether she might run against Sen. リーサ・マーカウスキー (R) next Novemberalthough she derided thebubbleof Washington, DC.
It’s hard to imagine anything better for Murkowski’s chances of winning a fifth term thanSenate candidate Sarah Palin.
      アラスカ, thanks to a series of recent election reforms, will hold an all-party primary next yearwith every candidate of every party running together. その後、, if no candidate gets 50% in the primary, the top two vote-gettersregardless of partywould advance to the general election.
        A Palin candidacy would immediately make her the most prominent Republican running besides Murkowski. And would make it very difficult for Kelly Tshibaka, 元アラスカ州行政局長官, who is already in the raceand has the support of former President Donald Trumpto make it into the top two with Murkowski.
        Even if Tshibakalikely buoyed by that Trump endorsementremains competitive with Palin (or even gets more votes), it’s possible the two of them split the anti-Murkowski vote. That split could well allow a Democratpossibly Al Gross, who ran and lost for Senate in 2020 — to slip into the general election against Murkowski.

          All of which would likely lead to one of two possible matchups next fall:
          1) Murkowski vs. ペイリン: While there’s no question that the former governor and 2008 vice presidential nominee still has いくつか constituency among the most conservative of Republicans, there is also a big chunk of Alaska voters who wouldn’t vote for Palin under any circumstances. Not ever. That includes plenty of Republicans not to mention virtually all Democrats and a big chunk of independents. It’s hard to imagine Murkowski losing that race.
          2) Murkowski vs. 民主党: While Gross ran a solidand well-financedcandidacy against Sen. Dan Sullivan (R) に 2020, he still lost by 13 ポイント. Because this is Alaska. It’s still a place where a generic Republican candidate starts with a considerable advantage over a generic Democrat. (Even Trump, not your typical conservative, won Alaska by 10 ポイント 2020). And if Gross doesn’t run, any other Democratif he or she even managed to make it into the runoffwould be hard-pressed to stay competitive with Murkowski.
          All of that is to say this: If Palin ran, Murkowski’s chances of winning reelection would go 仕方 アップ.
            今, because Palin is Palin, she almost certainly won’t run. It’s far easier to be a reality sort-of celebrity than to take on the rigors of running a serious statewide campaign. Which is why she’s never run for another office after her failed VP bid beside the late Sen. John McCain more than a decade ago.
            Odds are, その後, that Palin is just talking, with no real plan to actually run. But if you’re Lisa Murkowski, you should do absolutely everything you can to make Palin more interested in the race. Because it would make your own race a whole heck of a lot easier.




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