Un colpo di speranza in una stagione buia

Finalmente, Iniezioni di vaccino Covid-19 stanno finendo tra le braccia di operatori sanitari in prima linea e leader governativi.

Questa settimana, the first round of Americans received their first of two Covid-19 vaccine doses needed to get the world back on track after the coronavirus pandemic.
It’s a remarkable achievement. But the history-making vaccine development and the start of the distribution isn’t happening in a vacuum. The pandemic is killing more people than ever before, and many hospitals across the country are nearing their breaking points.

Americans are facing another lonely holiday, this time being told to spend Christmas with only those in their immediate households. But there is solace in the hope that the dark winter will, un giorno, end.
    Nel frattempo, President Donald Trump continues to deny the 2020 election’s outcome, even though the Electoral College voted to confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory on Monday. That vote has opened the floodgates for many previous silent Leader repubblicani (ma non tutto) to admit the obvious: Biden will be inaugurated a gennaio 20.
    Il punto: We have reached a point that once seemed so far away: Vaccine distribution has begun, e (alcuni) Republican leaders are now affirming Biden’s 2020 vittoria.




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