Un piccolo aereo si schianta contro un'auto su una strada della Florida lasciando due morti e due feriti gravemente

Due persone sono rimaste uccise e altre due gravemente ferite dopo che un aereo monomotore si è schiantato contro un'auto su una carreggiata in Florida lunedì., hanno detto i funzionari.

The two victims were on board the Beechcraft Bonanza plane, which crashed near the North Perry Airport in Pembroke Pines, Fire Chief Marcellino Rodriguez told CNN.
An adult and child who were in the car were transported to a hospital in serious condition, according to Rodriguez. Witnesses reported that the wing touched the ground first before crashing into the vehicle, Egli ha detto.
      The aircraft crashed shortly after takeoff, il Federal Aviation Administration ha detto in una dichiarazione.
        A neighbor who caught the crash on her RING video told CNN it was lucky that she happened to be inside at the time of the crash, as she normally walks her kids every afternoon near the same spot.
          It was very close to my door,” Anabel Fernandez said. “We bought this home last year and we see a lot of aircrafts that are so close. Every time we are in the pool in the backyard, the planes are so close it’s almost like you can touch them.
          North Perry Airport caters to private and charter flights and has four runways, the longest being 3,350 piedi, secondo la sua sito web.
            CNN has reached out to North Perry Airport for more information.
            An FAA spokesperson said the agency and the National Transportation Safety Board will investigate the fatal crash.

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