Un estudiante de Texas, who wrote 'I set a synagogue on fire' in a journal, está acusado de incendio premeditado, los funcionarios dicen

Un estudiante de la Universidad Estatal de Texas que, según el FBI, escribió “Prendí fuego a una sinagoga” ha sido acusado federalmente de incendio provocado, de acuerdo a un Tuesday news release from the US Department of Justice.

The charges stem from a fire that was intentionally set at the Congregation Beth Israel synagogue in Austin, Texas, en octubre 31, el comunicado dijo.
Surveillance video from the night of the fire shows Franklin Barrett Sechriest, 18, with a face covering the night of the fire, según denuncia penal.
      Sechriest was arrested Friday. Si es condenado, he could face a maximum penalty of 20 años en prisión, el comunicado dijo.
        An attorney for Sechriest did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment.
          Arson at a sacred place of worship shakes the very foundations of our society,” said US Attorney Ashley C. Hoff. “This Office strongly condemns the intentional act of violence alleged in the complaint and will vigorously prosecute this type of conduct to the fullest extent possible.
          The FBI’s annual hate crime statistics report found that more than 7,700 criminal hate crime incidents were reported to the FBI in 2020, an increase of about 450 incidents over 2019. Había 683 anti-Jewish attacks last year, according to the FBI data, abajo de 963 en 2019.

          Stickers with Nazi propaganda found in vehicle used by Sechriest

          Surveillance video from security cameras on the night of fire show Sechriestcarrying a green container and a roll of toilet paperwalking toward the synagogue’s administration office entrance. Segundos más tarde, Sechriest is seen walking away from the office entrance, and moving toward the front doors of the synagogue sanctuary and out of view of the cameras, según la denuncia.
          After the fire ignited, surveillance video from the parking area security camera showed Sechriest jogging away from the direction of the synagogue sanctuary and the fire, la denuncia decía.
          The FBI executed federal search warrants on November 10 authorizing the search and seizure of evidence from Sechriest’s residence and a Jeep Cherokee used by Sechriest.
          Stickers with Nazi propaganda and swastikas were recovered from the Jeep. Agents also recovered a planning calendar that included racial slurs from another vehicle parked in the garage of the home, the complaint read.
          During the search, a handwritten journal that allegedly belonged to Sechriest was found with an entry dated October 31, 2021.
            Sechriest wrote in the journal, “Prendí fuego a una sinagoga,” según la denuncia.
            Sechriest is scheduled for a preliminary examination and detention hearing on November 17 a 10:30 soy., según el comunicado.

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