A Texas teenager breaks two world records for longest legs

Maci Currin isn’t all legs, but they do make up 60 percent of her total height.

The 17-year-old from Cedar Park, テキサス, 壊れた two Guinness World Records: one for having the longest legs for a female, and another for a teenager with the longest legs.
Her left leg is 以上 53 長さインチ, while her right leg is slightly shorter, で 52.874 インチ, according to Guiness.
ビデオ posted on the group’s YouTube channel, Currin’s mother talks about realizing that her daughter was taller than her peers at an early age.
    I guess there’s some kind of gene in there that gives her that tallness,” her mother said in the video.
    Currin is 6-foot-10. Her father was 6-foot-5, her brother is 6-foot-4 and her mother is 5-foot-7.
    Around sophomore year, I just stopped caring what people thought of me,” Currin 言った Guinness. “And once I just stopped caring, I wasn’t affected by anything.
      Currin now uses her social media to inspire others to embrace their height. と 1.7 million followers on チクタク, and another 50,000 オン インスタグラム, she regularly posts about confidence and body image. Her videos on TikTok reach millions of viewers per video.
      I hope that tall women can see that height is a gift,” Currin told Guinness. “And that you shouldn’t be ashamed that you’re tall. You should really embrace it.




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