A Texas woman died on a plane of Covid-19

A Dallas-area woman died due to 코로나 19 while on a flight in Arizona, a Dallas County official said.

The woman was in her 30s and hadunderlying high risk health conditions,” Dallas County said in a news release.
The woman died in late July on the tarmac at a New Mexico airport, Judge Clay Jenkins told CNN. The Dallas County Health and Human Services first reported her death in the news release Sunday.
No other details were made available because of medical privacy reasons.
    The woman’s death was among the 554 confirmed new Covid-19 cases reported by Dallas County on Sunday. 이상 8.2 million cases have been reported nationwide as of Tuesday afternoon, according to Johns Hopkins University data, and more than 220,000 have died.
      The news comes as people appear to be getting more comfortable flying during the pandemic: The Transportation Security Administration screened 이상 1 million passengers 일요일, 기관에 따르면, the most since March 16.
      While some studies, 포함 two published last month, have suggested the coronavirus can spread on airplanes, ㅏ Department of Defense study released last week showed that airplanesventilation systems filter the air efficiently and take out particles that could transmit viruses.

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