A US-Russia war over Ukraine would be catastrophic

생각했다면 $ 2 조 6,000 American lives were a steep price to pay for a no-victory outcome of a 20-year engagement in Afghanistan, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

우리. costs and losses in a war with nuclear Russia would be catastrophic. Such a war is unwinnable, and it is not worth sacrificing American lives to wage.


Russia’s elevated force posture along the Ukrainian border – including 114,000 군인, special forces, intelligence operatives and heavy weaponry, counting tanks – is reminiscent of Putin’s 2014 invasion of Ukraine. 이, along with recent high-risk encounters between U.S. warships and the Russian navy in the Black Sea, and Putin’s warning on Nov. 13 about the U.S. throwing down the gauntlet to Moscow, constitute what’s called in the intelligence businessindications and warningsof an impending crisis.

Concerned about the high probability of Russia’s outright invasion of Ukraine, 우리. intelligence has warned European allies that there is but a narrow window of opportunity to deter Putin.

Predictably, 워싱턴 “전문가” discharge advice that is not grounded in reality, in this case that while Ukraine is part of Russia’s vital interests, it is not part of America’s. Some advocate accelerated acceptance of Ukraine into NATO, which in their “전문가” view would guarantee Ukraine’s security by virtue of obligating the U.S. and NATO to step into a Russo-Ukrainian conflict on behalf on Kiev. Others call for troop deployments into the region to deter KGB spymaster Putin.

For centuries, Russia has viewed Ukraine as its security buffer against foreign invasions.

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