Una pareja de Wisconsin sobrevivió después de que un oso entrara por su ventana y los atacara

Una pareja fue atacada por un oso dentro de su casa en el norte de Wisconsin el viernes por la noche después de que el animal rompiera su ventana., las autoridades dijeron.

El esposo y la esposa resultaron heridos, pero sus hijos — who were asleep in their bedrooms at the time of the attackwere unharmed, the Taylor County Sheriff’s Office (TCSO) dijo en un comunicado de prensa. The husband shot and killed the bear.
The couple first saw the bear outside eating from a bird feeder, so they opened their window and yelled at it to try to get it to leave, TCSO said.
      The bear immediately turned and charged at the house, breaking through the window and into the house and immediately attacked,” TCSO said.
        Both the husband and wife sustained several bites and injuries as they tried to fend off the attack, at one point stabbing the bear with a kitchen knife, las autoridades dijeron. Finalmente, the husband was able to get a firearm and shot and killed the bear.
          The pair was treated for their injuries at a hospital and have since been released, TCSO said.
          The bear, identified by authorities as an adult female, appeared to have a cub, which was seen running off as the bear charged the house.
          De acuerdo con la Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, bears are typically afraid of humans and are rarely aggressive. sin embargo, they may become defensive when protecting their cubs or a food source and could get agitated if they are startled, el departamento dijo.
            In cases where people see a bear in their yard or around their house, the Wisconsin DNR has previously recommended people get toa secure area so the bear has a clear escape pathand makinga lot of noise by yelling, honking a car horn or banging pots and pans.
            The Department of Natural Resources took the deceased bear for testing, el comunicado dijo.

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