Aaron Rodgers, Packers drama had NFL schedule makers 'a little nervous'

La NFL ha rilasciato il 2021 programma della scorsa settimana, e i Packers hanno ricevuto cinque partite in prima serata nel corso della stagione, even though there still is a chance that the league’s reigning MVP may suit up in a different uniform come September.


Howard Katz, the NFL’s senior vice president of broadcasting, recently caught up with NBC Sports’ Peter King, and he admitted that Rodgers and the Packers had thema little nervouswhich led to him making a few calls to gain some clarity on the situation.

NFL fans understand that the Packers won’t be as interesting if Rodgers is no longer a part of the team when the season rolls around, tuttavia, the schedule-makers had no choice but to work with what they had.


The Green Bay Packers are still the Green Bay Packers, with or without Aaron Rodgers,” Katz told NBC Sports. “They’re a great team and a great brand. We started to think about some of the permutations of the schedule. In definitiva, when he didn’t get traded, we couldn’t solve for something we didn’t know.

It was pretty deliberate the way we maxed out the Packers early in the season. You’re right that each of the networks has their bite at the Packers in the first month. That was deliberate.

Out of the five primetime games, three will be on NBC – two later in the season when the playoff races tighten. The Packers will take on the Chicago Bears in Week 14, and the Minnesota Vikings in Week 17. Both games are late enough in the season that they can beflexed out– i.e. replaced by another match-up – if the Packers aren’t relevant.

Green Bay will face the Arizona Cardinals in a Week 8 matchup on “Giovedì sera calcio” streaming on Amazon Prime Video. The second week of the season will have the Packers meet up with the Detroit Lions on ESPN’sMonday Night Football.” Una settimana dopo, they will square off against the San Francisco 49ers on NBC’sSunday Night Football.

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