Abby Hornacek이 미스 USA 대회의 무대 뒤에서

Abby Hornacek이 미스 USA 대회의 무대 뒤에서

After speaking with the winner of the 2020 미스 USA pageant, Asya Branch, Abby Hornacek appeared on Fox News Thursday to share her experience in learning what happens “behind the scenes” of the event, which she minutely details in Fox Nation’s “미스 USA: Behind the Curtain.

“Hopefully, you get as much insight as I got just being there and witnessing the intelligence and the ambition of some of these women. 알 잖아, it is not just about how they look in a swimsuit or an evening gown. It’s how they carry themselves,” Hornacek told여우 & 친구.”

Hornacek participated on the “selection committee” for the Miss USA pageant contenders for “five days and five nights.”

“I had no idea what went into making Miss USA so I thought while I’m down here, I just want to capture every single moment, the behind the scenes, the backstage, what these women have to do to lead up to this moment — where they wear that crown.

Hornacek asked Branch about her main goal as Miss USA.

Branch replied: “I think the crown says it all: power of positivity. I want to continue spreading positive vibes throughout this entire year. I want to uplift others and let them see God’s light shine through me and also help them to find the light within themselves.


The competition aired on Nov. 9 after being postponed for months due to the 코로나 바이러스 감염병 세계적 유행. The live show took place at Elvis Presley’s Graceland in Memphis, Tenn. The 22-year-old was crowned by 미스 USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst, 29.

Branch, the sixth of eight siblings, previously made history as the first African American to be named Miss Mississippi. At the pageant, Branch discussed her stance on gun laws in a final statement. She said she plans to continue raising awareness on criminal justice reform, a cause that hits close to home. Branch previously revealed her father was incarcerated for 10 연령, which greatly impacted her family.

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Hornacek went on to say, “As a judge, 나는, 보기, I’m no pageant expert, 그러나, I was looking for someone who shone that light and she really did and she talked about God and how close she is to her faith,” Hornacek said.

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