ABC’s ‘Good Morning Americacalled out for letting Julia Louis-Dreyfus promote event to benefit GA Dems

ABC's 'Good Morning America' called out for letting Julia Louis-Dreyfus promote event to benefit GA Dems

ABC’sGood Morning Americais being criticized forbias in broad daylightfor a segment promoting a progressive group electing Democrats in the Georgia Senate runoff, Fox News contributor Joe Concha said Friday.

Veepstar Julia Louis-Dreyfus promoted a table read this Sunday of an episode from the show for an event supporting Democrats in the January race and co-host George Stephanopoulos encouraged viewers to get tickets, as Steve Guest, the GOP Rapid Response director, pointed out on Twitter.

It’s so 2020 that a national broadcast network would allow a staunch Trump critic like Elaine from ‘Seinfeld,’ Julia Louis-Dreyfus, to go on national TV, GMA, millions of viewers and do a get-out-the-vote campaign for Democrats in Georgia,” Concha toldAmerica’s Newsroom.


Louis-Dreyfus told GMAVeepended becauseit was impossible to compete with the Trump White House,” teasing thatnow with more of a normal human being,” referring to President-elect Joe Biden headed to the White House, the show might return.

Concha wondered if there would be a segment from a Republican celebrity like James Woods, John Voight, or Kristy Swanson in the coming days.

Here we have the -isms shifting. Journalism to activism and it’s bias in broad daylight,” 他说.


Georgians,” Concha concluded, “don’t like it when outsiders come into their state and tell them how to think and how to vote, and all the money in the world and all the celebrities in the world ain’t gonna change much on that premise.