ABC's 'World News Tonight' suggests Biden brokered cease-fire between Israel and Hamas, avoids crediting Egypt

“今晚, breaking news as we come on the air. Israel and Hamas agreeing to a cease-fire. President Biden speaking just moments ago,” ABC News anchor David Muir began the program. “后 11 days of relentless rockets and missile attacks, a truce now set to take effect just a short time from now. 拜登总统, who put increasing pressure on Benjamin Netanyahu, Biden talking just a short time ago.

Muir told viewers thatwe knewthat President Biden told the Israeli Prime Minister that hewanted to see a significant de-escalation in the Israeli operation.

ABC News correspondent Matt Gutman, who was reporting from Tel Aviv, read a statement that was released by Hamas saying amutual and simultaneous ceasefire in the Gaza Striphad been reached. 然而, Gutman scrubbed the first part of that sentence from the official Hamas statement, 其中读, “We were informed by our brothers in Egypt that an agreement had been reached.


After reiterating Biden’s push for asignificant de-escalation,” Muir brought on ABC News White House correspondent Mary Bruce to talk about thedelicate dancethat Biden endured and thequiet diplomacythat was enacted.

“大卫, this was the first big foreign policy test for this president and Biden walked a fine line throughout,” Bruce told Muir. “He was facing growing pressure from his own party to take a tougher stance on Israel and you seemed to see the president nod to that tonight in his remarks, 说, 引用, ‘I believe the Palestinians and Israelis deserve to enjoy equal measures of freedom, prosperity and democracy.’

“现在, White House sources I’ve talked to feel that this all shows Biden’s approach to diplomacy working. He laid low in those first few days, trying to rely heavily on that quiet, intensive, behind-the-scenes diplomacy, and then upped the public pressure on Israel in just the recent days,” Bruce explained. “He and prime minister Netanyahu have a relationship, they understand how each other work. Biden took an increasingly serious tone, I am told, and made it clear to Israel that it would not be in their interest if this continued.

然而, as NewsBusters news analyst Nicholas Fondacaro pointed out, ABC’s report made no mention of Egypt’s critical role in the ceasefire.

Reversely, CBS and NBC gave credit to Egypt.

The truce follows last-minute negotiations led by Egypt after days of what the White House has called quiet intensive diplomacy,” Norah O’Donnell ofCBS Evening Newstold viewers.

Israel’s security cabinet said it unanimously approved the Egyptian initiative for Israel and Hamas to simultaneously stop their attacks, starting in just minutes,” NBC News correspondent Richard Engel said in his report onNBC Nightly News.