ACC, Diez grandes, Pac-12 announce alliance to 'protect the collegiate model'

Kevin Warren, comisionado de los Diez Grandes, Jim Phillips del ACC y George Kliavkoff del Pac-12 reconocieron que han estado hablando de esta idea durante varias semanas., pero lo llevaron a buen puerto el martes.


It was less than a month ago when Texas and Oklahoma jumped ship to the Southeastern Conference, so the three conferences felt like they needed to create an alliance of 41 schools in order to keep some stability at the top of college football.

The history of college athletics, one expansion of a conference has usually led to another to another and to another,” Phillips dijo. “And to the three of us, we felt the stabilization of the current environment, across Division I and FBS — in Power Five in particular — this was a chance for a new direction, a new initiative that I don’t think has ever been done before.

The NCAA is in the process of giving more responsibility to the conferences and schools to be in charge of college athletics, especially since they hope to expand the College Football Playoff in the near future.

I wouldn’t say this is a reaction to Texas and Oklahoma joining the SEC, but to be totally candid you have to evaluate what’s going on in the landscape of college athletics,” Warren added.

The ACC, Big Ten and Pac-12 tried to make a bold statement by unveiling the alliance, but with no concrete plans in place it will start as a merely a promise to act with mutual interests in mind.

“Ojalá, this will bring some much needed stability in college athletics,” Warren concluded. “I also think what it will do is allow people to understand where everyone else stands. Some of the events over the last couple of months have shaken the foundations of college athletics.

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