Activists claiming police don't prevent crime like saying 'there's no proof water is wet'; Kira Davis

Davis, an editor-at-large at RedState, told “Fox News Primetime” that the ‘defund the police’ movement continues to be as dangerous as it is illogical.

She blamed the rise in crime chiefly on the left-wing defund-the-police movement in places like Chicago and New York.

“[For] anybody who says there is no proof that police prevent violent crime, get rid of the police in your neighborhood, dude, and see how that works out for violent crime in your neighborhood,” Davis said.

“That’s like saying no proof water is wet. It’s insane the lengths that these people are going to go to deny this very real problem.”

Davis added that for too long liberals have been celebrating often-violent protesters, telling host Tammy Bruce the rioters and looters “paid no price” for what they did since 2020 in cities like Philadelphia, Washington, New York and Los Angeles.

She added that some in the Democratic Party are using “violent language” against Americans who are vaccine-hesitant, calling such examples proof of “toxic culture.”

Davis also pointed to the Monday evening assault and robbery of former Sen. Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., who was walking in Oakland’s Jack London Square. Boxer however responded to Republican concerns her assault was a product of progressive Democrats’ anti-police policies.

“Democrats have no intention of defunding the police,” Boxer, 80, said in comments published by the Los Angeles Times, going on to call that narrative “a false flag.”

“I’m sure she was shaken up and thank God that she was OK, but, do you know what? There are people that live this reality in California every single day and she has not a word of sympathy for them,” Davis said of Boxer.

“She has not a care for them. Meanwhile, we are left to the wolves by ourselves, our police being defunded, our ability to defend ourselves with weapons being taken away with this law and that law. It’s complete chaos in California and blue cities across the country — and we can place this squarely at the feet of the left.”

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