Adam Carolla: 중국, Russia likely 'delighted' US intel and military focusing on 'wokeness' over preparedness

The 52-page report from the agency, led by Biden appointee Avril Haines, featured several examples of stock imagery.

The name of the primary stock photo, available on Shutterstock, 이다 “Portrait Of Multi-Cultural Office Staff Standing In Lobby,” while the collage featured two other photos of a blind man with a guide dog and an individual in a wheelchair.

Do you feel safer knowing our Intel community is represented by stock photos?” 주최자 터커 칼슨 asked Carolla.

“아니, when it comes to the Intel community, I want the best and the brightest, not the least Whitest,” the comedian replied.

Carolla added that the immutable characteristics of the bureaucrats in the US intelligence community have nothing to do with their ability to perform their roles on behalf of the United States.

“[그것] has nothing to do with job performance but make me think as I was watching the opening monologue, those people who know World War II history know that in 1944, the Japanese government sent over incendiary bombs that went up to the jet stream and they were going to float over to the Pacific Northwest and they were going to come down and start fires in the Pacific Northwest and the idea was we would have to then fight our own fires on our own soil and we couldn’t fight them in the pacific theater and this is analogous to that,” Carolla continued.

He said that, in that way, 중국러시아 must be very excited and pleased to see “깨어남” now take over the intelligence community, as the host implied the report begets deference to identity and diversity over more germane factors.

This is us fighting ourselves, this woke culture, the diversity, the racism cries, the gender, the homophobia, this is us fighting ourselves, the Russians and the Chinese must be delighted that we have a self-induced civil war on our own nation,” said Carolla.

He noted that it has only been 5 years since Barack Obama left the White House as the first Black president and that it only took that short interim forrace hustlersto ignore that achievement andstart a war on our own soilagainst ourselves.

With their homogenous population – China and Russia – are just free to use their technology to shut down our pipelines and hack into our infrastructure while we are using our technology to Photoshop,” 그는 말했다.

폭스 뉴스’ Jon Michael Raasch contributed to this report.

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