Adele, promuovere l'album su un divorzio, porta speranza nei cuori di tutto il mondo con proposte a sorpresa durante lo speciale

Adele potrebbe essere la regina del dire la verità ai nostri cuori spezzati, ma è stato il suo ruolo nel mettere insieme due persone che ha rubato la scena durante il suo speciale CBS di domenica sera.

L'impianto era questo: A man reached out to what he believed was a showbut it was actually afake show,” Adele saidto help him propose to his girlfriend of seven years.
They spent the day having a picnic in the area near Adele’s concert and the night would culminate with a proposal.
    The plan workedwith adorable results.
      If you make a noise, I’m going to kill you,” Adele told the crowd, which included celebrities like Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy.
        As the woman’s noise-cancelling headphones and blindfold were removed, she was stunned.
        Is this real,” lei chiese. “Chi e 'questa gente?”
          The man popped the question, she accepted and Adele revealed herself from the shadows before launching intoMake You Feel My Love.
          She’s crying her eyes out,” Adele quipped at one point mid-song.
          Who can blame her, ovviamente.
            The moment was a slightly ironic one, as the singer is promoting “30,” which many have dubbed the singer’sdivorce album.But if one thing was clear during her interview with Oprah Winfrey during the two-hour program, the album can be seen as one about union — appena, in her case, she’s coming together with her happiest self. And doing so required a lot of tough decisions.
            She told Winfrey of her current relationship with sports agent Rich Paul: It’s the first time she’s been in a relationship where she’sloved myself and been open to loving and being loved by someone else.

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