ADL prez blasts Dem 'Squad' for 'unconscionable' defunding of Israel's Iron Dome: 'Emboldens Hamas, Hezbollah'

The Times ofIsraelが発行した「TheTimesofIsrael」という論説への対応 “アイアンドームを標的とする民主的な「進歩主義者」の不道徳,” ADLのジョナサン・グリーンブラット社長がツイートした, “It is unconscionable that a small group of Members of Congressthe so-called ‘Squad’ — demanded that the House leadership strip out funding for Israel’s Iron Dome before they would approve the [continuing resolution].”


The Iron Dome is a defensive system designed to protect civilians. Innocent people of all ethnicities & faiths — ユダヤ人, Muslims, Christians, Druze and othersdepend on the Iron Dome for protection when terror groups like Hamas + Hezbollah launch thousands of rockets at them,” Greenblatt wrote on Wednesday. “It is a disgrace that the Squad succeeded. It emboldens Hamas & Hezbollah and others enemies of peace. To the MOCs who made the demands, look at the below. Every intercepted rocket was fired indiscriminately toward civilian centers with 1 ゴール: the brazen murder of innocents.

Greenblatt predicted theshameful actby the progressive lawmakers willfuel further campaigns by anti-Zionist activistsas well as inflame anti-Semitic violence like what took place last spring amid the Israel-Gaza conflict.

Make no mistake – human lives are at stake. Lawmakers are promising action and we demand Congress follows through. This funding has been delayed by both Democrats & Republicans for too long. We need an immediate bipartisan effort to fund the Iron Dome now,” Greenblatt added.

ザ・ “分隊,” which includes Reps. アレクサンドリアオカシオコルテス, D-N.Y。, イルハン・オマル, D-Minn。, and Rashida Tlaib, D-me。, were able to scrub the proposed $ 1 billion meant to continue funding the Iron Dome.

しかしながら, several moderate Democrats, including Michigan Rep. エリッサ・スロットキン, slammed the progressive victory.

Iron Dome is a purely *defensive* system — it protects civilians when hundreds of rockets are shot at population centers. Whatever your views on the Israeli-Pal conflict, using a system that just saved hundreds, if not thousands, of lives as a political chit is problematic,” Slotkin tweeted on Tuesday. “So to target Iron Dome now means the issue isn’t a genuine concern over the system, but rather the desire to attack something – なんでも – related to the State of Israel; it’s devoid of substance and irresponsible.

水曜日に, House Democrats introduced a separate bill that would provide the $ 1 billion in funding towards the Iron Dome.