Afghanistan collapse 'feels like another funeral' for Gold Star wife

“別の葬式のように感じます,” ジェーンホートンは言った “アメリカレポート.” “I realized today this is more emotions than I’ve ever dealt with in my life. And that’s saying something for someone whose loved one was killed in war.

Horton’s husband, Army Spc. Christopher Horton, was killed in Afghanistan’s Paktia Province on Sept. 9, 2011 when enemy forces attacked his unit with small arms fire. The 26-year-old was serving with the Oklahoma National Guard.

Horton made her first trip to Afghanistan in 2016. She is using her experience to advise people currently in the country trying to get out.

What I’m worried about is our troops on the ground,” 彼女は言いました. “We need to say a prayer for them because many of them have deployed multiple times, and this is breaking their heart in more pieces than we can imagine.

我ら. officials are privately warning it will be “挑戦” to meet バイデン大統領‘s Aug. 31 deadline to withdraw U.S. アフガニスタンからの軍隊, as thousands continue pouring into the country to protect the airport and assist in the mission to evacuate American citizens and Afghan allies, フォックスニュースは学んだ.

Horton hopes Americans will not forget thehorrific situationafter the troops come home.

We have a responsibility as Americans to come forward and to demand that we fix this in any way that we can,” 彼女は言いました.

People a lot smarter than me really need to come into a room. And Americans need to demand that people are held accountable for this, that we look into what happened, but also that we make the right decisions going forward and we help the people on the ground.

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