Ontploffings in Afghanistan: Most US troops killed in over a decade

Ten minste 11 Marines and one Navy corpsman died in the attacks, which also wounded at least a dozen other service members, volgens die Amerikaanse. amptenare.

ISIS-K is believed to be behind the twin bombings near the Harmid Karzai International Airport: one outside the airport’s Abbey Gate and a second by the Baron hotel, from where U.S. Army helicopters evacuated Americans into the airport in previous days.

The last time the U.S. military saw so great a loss of life in one day was in early August 2011, when a Taliban fighter shot down an Army helicopter doodmaak die 30 special operations troops and eight Afghan nationals on board.

12 Amerikaanse dienslede gedood in ontploffing van die lughawe in Kabul, BEAMPTES SE: LEEF OPDATE

Seventeen Navy SEALs were among the people killed in the 2011 aanval, including some who were on the team that completed the mission to take out Osama bin Laden.

Die VSA. eventually took down the Taliban fighters responsible for the helicopter attack.

Thursday’s suicide bomb attack outside the Kabul airport was followed by a firefight with Islamic State gunmen at the gate, waar die vorige aand was 5,000 Afghanen en moontlik sommige Amerikaners wat toegang tot die lughawe soek om te vlug. Skare het dae lank bymekaargekom om die land te ontvlug, en daar was verskeie waarskuwings oor 'n terreurbedreiging vir die gebied - veral van die Islamitiese Staat.

The Taliban took over Afghanistan following the Biden administration’s botched troop withdrawal. Thursday’s suicide bombings will likely complicate U.S. evacuation plans.

A source familiar with the situation on the ground told Fox News that it is almostcertainthat Americans will be left behind in Afghanistan after the August 31 withdrawal deadline passes.

The Fox News Brainroom, Lucas Tomlinson, Adam Shaw, Jacqui Heinrich and Jennifer Griffin contributed reporting.

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