Afghanistan IG says it was 'not surprising' how country fell to Taliban: 'All the signs have been there'

ジョンソプコ, アフガニスタン復興特別検査官 (葉巻), 言った NPR Sunday that the signs have been there for nearly a decade.

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“番号. It’s not surprising. というのは, we’ve been warning – my little agency – for the last almost 10 years about issues with the ANDSF, that’s the Afghan security forcescapabilities and sustainment,” Sopko said. “All the signs have been there.

Sopko pointed to how he himself has testified “50 または 60 times about thisand how SIGAR had released multiple reports going back to 2012 “about changing metrics … ghost soldiers who didn’t exist, about poor logistics, about the fact that the Afghans couldn’t sustain what we were giving them.

So it’s been out there,” Sopko added.


National Security adviser Jake Sullivan, その間, told ABC’s “グッドモーニングアメリカ” on Monday that developments in Afghanistan took placeat unexpected speedand that President Bidenthought the Afghan National Security Forces could step up in fightgiven the resources the U.S. provided.

Sopko did acknowledge on Sunday thatthe speed maybe is a little bit of a surprise,” でもそれは “the fact that the ANDSF could not fight on their own should not have been a surprise to anyone.

SIGAR will release its final report on Tuesday, and Sopko said it provides much to learn in terms of lessons that can be applied in other parts of the world where the U.S. です “doing similar work.

I think everyone should read that report so we don’t repeat the mistakes of the last 20 年,” 彼は言った.