Afghanistan: Rep. Michael McCaul says US has no intel in nation, gives victory to Taliban, other adversaries

“Die Taliban, their stripes just got bigger,” McCaul told Fox News in an interview.

We have no intelligence on the ground now,” gaan hy voort. “We are completely dark. With the exception of the airport we will be dark.

Die VSA. shut down Bagram Air Field, formerly the largest U.S. militêre base in Afghanistan, and evacuated U.S. Embassy.


McCaul told Fox News there has been no attempt to set up intelligence capabilities in another country nearby. He described the situation asa nightmare unfolding before your very eyes.

That is a victory, not only for the Taliban but for Russia, Sjina and Iran because we can’t see their activities in the region anymore.

Numerous reports have indicated that the Taliban are tracking or killing anyone found to have connections to the U.S., despite promising to pardon them. McCaul told Fox News that he pleaded with the Biden administration for months to evacuate interpreters and Afghan partners.

They completely failed to do so,” McCaul said. “The intelligence community was very clear and had gave a very grim assessment about the conditions on the ground. The Biden administration chose to ignore that intelligence.

This decision will have longterm ramifications for the United Statesstanding in the world,” McCaul added.

The Texas Republican said the Talibanare still working with al Qaeda and other terror organizations in Afghanistan from which they can conduct external operations to kill Americans in the United States but also our allies in Europe.

He said Afghanistan would becomea breeding ground for terrorism.

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