Dopo un decennio in un rifugio, un cane da salvataggio di nome Wiggles ha finalmente una casa

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Wiggles aveva del cibo, a backyard and plenty of laps to sit on at her animal shelter in Godfrey, Illinois.

But for 11 anni, the female pit bull mix was missing one thinga family.
That changed this week when Wiggles, adesso 14 Anni, was finally adopted.
They’re perfect,” Karla Crane, a dog trainer at 5As animal shelter, said of the adoptive family. “We couldn’t ask for anybody better.

    Wiggles faced multiple obstacles to adoption

    Wiggles was brought to the 5As (Alton Area Animal Aid Association) shelter in 2010, quando lei era 3 Anni, Crane said. But she wasn’t always friendly.
    When she first came in, she was not a very nice little dog,” Crane said.
    Because Wiggles wasn’t good with humans or other dogs, she was overlooked for adoption.
    Infine, Wiggles warmed up to people. But another obstacle emerged between her and her forever home.
    Nel 2016, Wiggles was diagnosed with a benign tumor the size of a golf ball, Crane said. Over the past four years, it has grown to the size of a cantaloupe. The shelter decided not to operate on the tumor because it’s benign and the risk of surgery given Wiggles’ età.
    Crane said families were hesitant to adopt Wiggles because of her tumor, and because of food allergies that created expenses for medication.
    The shelter provided Wiggles with all she neededmedications, special food and veterinary visitsfor over 10 anni.
    Until her new family came along.

    Wigglesstory is not unique

    Adesso, Wiggles lives in Missouri with a couple that is eager to give her all she needs, Crane said.
    The couple had lost two dogs to cancer before adopting Wiggles.
    Crane said she’s been in contact with the family since adoption. Since Wiggles went home with her new family, Crane said she has been to the veterinarian for her tumor and blood work. The family has also put her on medication for arthritis.
    Crane said that Wigglestime at the shelter, even if long, fits a pattern she sees in dog adoption.
    If a puppy comes in, they’re adopted within a monthsometimes within a week,” lei disse. “Older dogs that come inthey’re the ones that have to stay here until we find a family.
      5As is a no-kill shelter in operation since 1956. Crane said each animal gets as much personal attention as the staff can give them.
      I always say there’s a family out there for every dog that we have here,” lei disse. “Even the ones that have issues.

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