Dopo che i cadetti denunciano il razzismo nelle notizie, state orders review of Virginia Military Institute's culture

The state’s top leaders are ordering a review of what they say is theclear and appalling culture of ongoing structural racism at the Virginia Military Institute,” following news reports detailing allegations by Black students and alumni.

Writing that the school’s values of honor, sacrificio, dignità e servizio “do not extend to all students,” the letter from state officials to VMI’s governing Board of Visitors cites reports of “attacchi viziosi sui social media,” uno studente del secondo anno che minaccia di linciare un compagno di classe inferiore e un professore che ricorda con affetto il coinvolgimento della sua famiglia nel Ku Klux Klan.
It further claims the state-run military college in Lexington continues to embrace the Confederacy, così come “una "causa persa" imprecisa e pericolosa’ versione della storia della Virginia.” Il “Causa persa” l'ideologia afferma che lo sforzo bellico del sud era eroico e questo afferma’ diritti, non schiavitù, era la causa principale della Confederazione, nonostante le schiaccianti prove del contrario.
“È passato molto tempo per consegnare queste reliquie nella pattumiera della storia,” dice la lettera. “Questa cultura è inaccettabile per qualsiasi istituzione della Virginia nel 21 ° secolo, soprattutto uno finanziato dai contribuenti.”
    Monday’s letter is signed by, tra gli altri, Gov. Ralph Northam, Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, Virginia House Speaker Eileen Filler-Corn, Presidente del Senato dello stato Louise Lucas, Il procuratore generale Mark Herring e il delegato Lamont Bagby, presidente del Black caucus della legislatura dello stato.
    Board of Visitors President John William Boland responded Tuesday, promising cooperation, candor and transparency. The board welcomes the state review, which Boland is confident will show the school responded appropriately to the allegations, scrisse.
    “Praticamente tutti i college in 50 gli stati possono indicare comportamenti inappropriati da parte dei loro studenti o membri della facoltà. VMI non è immune. tuttavia, systemic racism does not exist here and a fair and independent review will find that to be true,” Boland’s letter said.

    ‘It’s unacceptable anywhere

    Internal action is no longer sufficient to assure diversity and equity at the school, state leaders told the Board of Visitors in announcing a third-party, nonpartisan review of VMI’s “cultura, politiche, practices and equity in disciplinary procedures.
    Preliminary results are due by year’s end, dice la lettera, with an eye toward providing state lawmakers with information for any needed corrective legislation.
    Herring called the reports of racism “disgustoso” in a tweet Monday and said, “It’s unacceptable anywhere, especially at a public school, and not who we are as a Commonwealth.
    Delegate Mark Levine called for immediate action to stopthe culture of racism and oppressionat VMI, either via legislative action or the school’s leadership.
    Shape up, VMI. Or else,” ha twittato.
    CNN has not been able to confirm the allegations referenced in the letter, but the correspondence was sent after The Roanoke Times a giugno e Il Washington Post all'inizio di questo mese reported numerous allegations that Black students and graduates have leveled against the school.
    In his letter, Boland said all allegations of discrimination are thoroughly investigated and, when necessary, “appropriate action was meted out in a timely fashion.
    Ha aggiunto, “These incidents were perpetrated by few individuals and were in no way condoned by the Institute.

    ‘All these brave, honorable men were flawed

    Ex cadetti descritti al giornale Roanoke White cadets’ palese razzismo, essere costretti a rievocare una battaglia della guerra civile a cui hanno preso parte i cadetti del VMI e la pratica ormai abbandonata di richiedere agli studenti del primo anno di salutare una statua di Thomas J.. “Muro di pietra” Jackson, un ex professore VMI, Generale confederato e schiavista.
    A recent graduate this summer launched a petition urging the institute to tear down the Jackson statue. It gained about 1,500 firme. A competing petitioncalling for the defense ofVMI’s sacred heritageand a return to the “tradizione” of forcing students to salute the Jackson statuegarnered more than three times that number of signatures.
    A statue of Gen. Thomas J. "Muro di pietraquot;quot; Jackson stands in front of the VMI barracks.

    All these brave, honorable men were flawed, just like every cadet that marches through the hallowed arches of the Institute,” the latter petition said, mentioning George Washington. “Ancora, despite their flaws, they contributed greatly to the heritage of not just the school, but also America. They are rightly honored for their noble deeds.
    La storia del Washington Post delinea numerose accuse di studenti e ex alunni menzionate nei leader statali’ lettera, così come un 2017 incidente in cui i cadetti bianchi si sono vestiti in scatole, che rappresenta il muro di confine meridionale, insultando i messicani.
    I wake up every day wondering, ‘Why am I still here?'” a 20-year-old Black senior, William Bunton, ha detto al giornale.
    Boland cited the Post’s reporting specifically in his Tuesday response to state leaders, saying several of the incidents are many years old andhad more to do with an individual’s lapse of judgment than they do with the culture of the Institute.

    ‘The future will look much different

    L'anno scorso, VMI ha contato 102 Black students among its enrollment of 1,698 — di 6% del corpo studentesco, according to the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia. Più di 1,300 students were White.
    The state provided $ 19.3 milioni in general funds for the 2020-2021 anno scolastico, VMI’s superintendent, Gen. J.H. Binford Peay III, wrote in a May letter to the Board of Visitors.
    Virginia’s chief diversity officer and secretary of education will meet with the Board of Visitors at least three times this year to discuss campus culture, implementing a diversity plan andfunding implications,” Monday’s letter said.
    While the state leaders support VMI’s mission, scrissero, the latest allegations suggest school leaders are not moving quickly enough to demonstrate the commitment to diversity that the nation expects from its institutions.
    We are committed to the sustainability of the Virginia Military Institute and its mission of educating citizen soldiers, but the future will look much different from the past,” dice la lettera.
      Boland closed his response by saying that VMI administrators were already reviewing the school’s traditions, ceremonies and culture, among other aspects of campus life, and the Board of Visitors endorsed last montha path toward ensuring an Institute free from racism and discrimination.
      Current events have likely caused everyone to reflect upon our understanding and exposure to racism and discrimination. The Institute is no different,” the board president wrote. “We have spent countless hours seeking the input of a diverse group including of cadets, faculty, personale, alumni, and community leaders. The result was a vision and plan regarding a way forward to ensure equal treatment for all of our cadets.

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