Airbnb will rent out Carrie Bradshaw's 'Sex and the City' apartment for two nights in November

对于 “欲望都市” fans who couldn’t help but wonder whether they, 太, 可以享受 Carrie Bradshaw 和她的工作人员的奢华生活方式 — 至少一晚 — there’s a chance now to find out.

For just two nights in November, Airbnb is renting a version of Carrie’s enviable brownstone that begged the question, “How did a sex columnist afford this gorgeous apartment on the Upper East Side?” It’s got all the accoutrements that made it so memorable on the show, plus a virtual visit from Carrie herself, 莎拉·杰西卡·帕克(Sarah Jessica Parker). (大, Aidan and other flaky love interests not included.)
The brownstone stays will occur just weeks ahead of the premiere of “就像那样 …,” the upcoming HBO Max series that continues the adventures of Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte sans Samantha. (HBO Max and CNN share a parent company, WarnerMedia.) 哦, and because the original “欲望都市” premiered 23 几年前, each one-night stay will cost guests just $ 23.
    At this recreation of Carrie's brownstone, you can write up a column based on your personal life before collapsing into bed, on the phone with your girlfriends.

    Parker will greet guests (via video) in the style of one of Carrie’s many contemplative monologues before turning them loose into her character’s fabulous apartment. 看, there’s Carrie’s writing desk, where she mined her tumultuous personal life for newspaper fodder, and an appropriately old-school laptop. If you absolutely must call your girlfriends during your stay, Carrie’s chunky cordless landline can balance neatly against your shoulder while you sift through shoes on the floor of her closet.
      嘉莉's closet is fully stocked for guests to play dress-up. Peep Carrie's famous tutu (sans stains) 在右边.

      Speaking of Carrie’s spacious closet, it’s an adult’s dress-up dream come true. Overflowing with couture and Carrie’s signature styles — 是, the tutu is there, based on photos provided by Airbnband painted in the same cerulean blue of our protagonist’s apartment in the “欲望都市” 电影, Carrie’s walk-in closet has plenty of options for a fashionable outfit for brunch and Cosmos.
        它's possible this Airbnb version of Carrie's apartment is even chicer than the original.

          要清楚, this isn’t Carrie’s original apartmentthe interior seen on the series was constructed on a set, and the exterior of the brownstone was actually located in the West Village and had a fascinating history of its own. It’s a recreation, located in New York’s tony Chelsea neighborhood. (哦, and though the stay only costs $ 23 before taxes, guests are responsible for getting themselves to New York, per Airbnb.)
          Be aware, “SATCdevoteesscoring a stay at Carrie’s could get more competitive than the rivalry between Kim Cattrall and SJP. Booking opens November 8 at noon ET for one-night stays on November 12 和十一月 13.