‘Alaskan Bush People’ star Bear Brown arrested in alleged domestic violence incident with wife

Known for his role on the Discovery seriesAlaskan Bush People,” Brown – whose real name is Solomon Isiah Freedom Brown – was arrested on March 11, according to an inmate booking log located by Fox News Digital.

An investigative report from the Okanogan County Sheriff’s Office on March 13 claims the 34-year-old attempted to take a phone away from his wife Raiven Adams, 23, and in doing so, Brown allegedlyput her on the ground,” according to a police report obtained by Fox News Digital.

“[Adams] stated the argument had started from the last night. Solomon was cussing at her and being crazy. [Adams] stated they are currently moving out of the residence and into the camp trailer, so must [sic] of their stuff is in the camp trailer,” a deputy stated in the document.


Brown and Adams casado in January in a ceremony attended by friends and family. la pareja comparte 1 hijo de ½ año río.

The report states that Adams often moves the couple’s child to a camp trailer to sleep and upon arriving to the trailer where Brown was positioned, Adams indicated to Brown thatshe was coming into the camper due to all of their stuff being in there.

“[marrón] began cussing at her and told [Adams] she had to leave the camp trailer,” the deputy continued in his recollection. “[marrón] then left in a vehicle. [Adams] took their son and herself over to the camp trailer and laid down in bed.

According to Adams’ account to the deputy, Brown came back and allegedly began banging on the door to the trailer, sin embargo, he was rebuffed by Adams who stated to Adams that shedid not feel comfortable letting him inthe report states andasked what he wanted.

Brown reportedly told Adams that he needed to retrieve some items out of the camper and Adams obliged but said she would set the items outside. Adams told the deputy that Brown came backmultiple timesthroughout the night asking for items which Adams believed was Brown’s attemptto make her engage in a conversation.

The following day, Adams was engaged in a video phone call with her mother in the camper trailer when Brown returned and allegedly accused Adams of being “loco” to which Adams allegedly mentioned that she wasstaying awayfrom Brown.


It was then that Brown allegedly pushed her down on the bed and was trying to take her phonein an alleged attempt to stop her from calling her stepfather, per the investigative report. Adams further alleged to police that Brownscratched her on her hand during the argumentand that it was only after Adams allegedly threatened to call police that Brown left – although she said it’s anyone’s guess as to where he had fled to.

While Adams recounted to police that Brown had allegedly pushed her afew times,” the deputy indicated in his report that Adamsbecame emotionally upset and was concerned due to [Brown’s] status they were going to attack her for reporting thisand the deputy added that hedid not observe any marks other than the scratchon her finger and said there weren’t anyunder her clothing.

Bear Brown was arrested on a domestic violence charge following an incident involving his wife, Raiven Adams.

Bear Brown was arrested on a domestic violence charge following an incident involving his wife, Raiven Adams. (A&mi)

Brown eventually returned Adams’ phone back to her, el informe dice.

mientras tanto, the deputy recalled speaking with Adams’ parents, Raymond and Cassy Contes, who has video footage of the alleged altercation.

I was told by Raymond, he did not actually witness [marrón] emprendedor {Adams],” the deputy wrote in the report. “Raymond stated he did hear [Adams] decir, ‘Ow you’re hurting me’ and [marrón] vocación [Adams] a “bchand telling her she is crazy. I spoke with Cassy who stated she was on the phone with [Adams] cuando [marrón] came into the camp trailer.


Cassy stated she could hear [marrón] swearing at [Adams] and at one point what Cassy believed was the phone falling to the floor,” the document states. “Cassy could see Solomon on top of [Adams]. Cassy stated the call was disconnected and [Adams] called her back.

The responding officer also writes that he was able to review the video sent to the police department’s phone and in it, Adams can allegedly be heard saying, “pushing me down on the bed and taking my phone is an assault.’

Reality star Bear Brown has been arrested and charged with assault in the fourth degree, Fox News Digital has confirmed.

Reality star Bear Brown has been arrested and charged with assault in the fourth degree, Fox News Digital has confirmed. (Descubrimiento)

Adams states her mother watched it,” the report maintains. “A male can be heard saying ‘watch me snatch a phone out of your hand which is all I did’ [Adams] states even if that’s all you did you do realize that’s still an assault. They continue to argue on the video.

Brown was then arrested and booked into Okanogan County Jail where he was charged with assault in the fourth degree. Brown was released without bond after spending a weekend in jail.

His court date is set for April 26.

Reps for Discovery did not immediately respond to Fox News Digital when reached for comment.

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