Alec Baldwin says productions should hire police officers to 'monitor weapons safety'

Alec Baldwin dink polisiebeamptes kan die beste geskik wees om film- en televisieproduksies te help om die veilige gebruik van wapens op stelle te monitor.

“Elke film/TV-stel wat gewere gebruik, vals of andersins, should have a police officer on set, hired by the production, to specifically monitor weapons safety,” Baldwin getwiet Maandag, his latest statement regarding on-set safety in the wake of the fatal shooting on the set of his filmRust.
A source close to the actor told CNN that Baldwin remains cooperative with requests from authorities and willdo whatever is askedas the investigation continues.
    Baldwin and his family are expected to remain in Vermont for the foreseeable future as they deal with the aftermath of last month’s tragedy, het die bron bygevoeg.
      Director of photography Halyna Hutchins was killed and director Joel Souza injured last month after Baldwin discharged a weapon during a rehearsal that contained what authorities suspect was a live round.
        Die voorval, which remains under investigation, has renewed calls for better safety practices on sets with regards to the use of weapons.
        Some individual productions have banned the use of real guns on set and mandated the use of alternate options.
          ABC’sThe Rookie,” byvoorbeeld, set a new policy to mandate the use of airsoft guns, which are replica guns with reduced power that typically fire plastic pellets. Dwayne Johnson has also said there will be no real guns used on his movie sets going forward.
            Weapons expert Ben Simmons previously explained to CNN that typically three types of prop guns are used on setcompletely fake firearms (that looks real but can’t fire anything), deactivated firearms and real firearms, which are loaded with blanks and mimic actual shooting, from flash to recoil.
            Authorities continue to investigate the moments leading up to the shooting, including the weapon chain of command and how the gun used by Baldwin became loaded with a suspected live round.

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