Alec Baldwin wishes mother a happy birthday amid difficult year

Baldwin has been reserved about his social media presence since being part of the deadly “녹” shooting incident in October. 후 deleting his Twitter, he’s been sporadically posting about the ongoing investigation, his pre-recorded podcast episodes as well as his family on Instagram.

수요일에, 그 shared an image of his mother sitting in an armchair surrounded by balloons including a pair that read “92” as well as one that is a massive unicorn on its hind legs right beside her as she opens gifts.

“오늘, my mother is 92,Baldwin captioned the image. “Unf***ing believable.


Alec Baldwin wished his mother a happy 92nd birthday.

Alec Baldwin wished his mother a happy 92nd birthday. (Keith Bedford/Getty Images)

He added that he credits some unlikely diet and TV recommendations for her long, healthy life.

Living proof that a diet of Brownies, Tab, @wegmans and @jeopardy will lead to a longer life. 생일 축하해!!!” 그가 썼어.

에 따르면 데일리 메일, Baldwin’s brother, 곤봉, also took a moment on his Instagram Story to wish his mom a happy 92nd by getting the crew of the Italian set he’s working on to sing her “생일 축하.”

Alec has a close relationship with his mother and often uses his celebrity to help her with the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund, which she established after surviving cancer herself. 그의 2017 회상록 “그렇지만” he noted that the fund helped his mother get asecond actin her life by dedicating herself to helping others fight breast cancer.

“수년에 걸쳐, we began to joke about how my mother had become a bigger celebrity than any of her sons. We joked that she’d push any of us off a cliff for a photo op, now that she was the ‘celebrity,'” Baldwin wrote, 에 따르면 up in Syracuse, we can still pull in a crowd to the charity’s banquet or golf match, but my family’s name, in terms of its celebrity quotient on Long Island, has waned.


Alec Baldwin took to Instagram to wish his mother a happy birthday.

Alec Baldwin took to Instagram to wish his mother a happy birthday. (디미트리오스 캄부리스 / 게티 이미지)

The positive post comes just days after Baldwin got some support from a random stranger on the street in a moment that was captured by his wife, 힐라리 아.

힐라리 아, 37, took to Instagram on Tuesday where she shared a photo of Alec talking with a man sitting in what appears to be a delivery truck on a New York City street. In the caption, she noted that the man stopped the actor while he was walking to tell him he was praying for him as Baldwin continues to be at the center of the controversy over the on-set incident that resulted in the death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.

In her caption, Hilaria implied that the stranger in the photo is not the only person stopping the actor to let him off the hook for the incident.

Grateful for people who stop my husband to say they are thinking about him, praying for him, ‘keep on, Alec’, ‘hang in there’, ‘we are here for you’…all of these messages are life changing for him. And also for our whole family,” 그녀가 적었다.

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Baldwin has received a lot of negative attention since October when he was on the New Mexico set of the indie Western movie rehearsing a scene with a revolver. Although he previously claimed he did not pull the trigger, the gun went off and somehow fired a live round that was not supposed to be on the property, killing Hutchins and wounding director Joel Souza.

Alec Baldwin made a rare new post on Instagram following the ‘Rust’ shooting.

Alec Baldwin made a rare new post on Instagram following the ‘Rust’ shooting. (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)

In her caption, Hilaria seemed grateful to anyone sharing kind words with her husband despite authorities continuing to investigate any criminal culpability on his part as lawsuits mount.

A quick act of kindness means the world to us. Grateful to this superhuman who said he was praying for him today, as he was driving by,” 그녀는 결론을 내렸다. “Didn’t get your name in our split moment encounter, but you are a special soul with a huge heart.

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