Amerikaners wat in Rusland aangehou word, is siek en kan nie die Amerikaanse ambassade bereik nie, sê sy broer

Washington Paul Whelan, 'n Amerikaanse burger wat al langer as twee jaar in Rusland aangehou word, is siek en het gesukkel om die Amerikaanse ambassade te bereik, het sy broer Woensdag gesê.

Paul has been able to speak to our parents by phone,” David Whelan said in a statement. “Paul is sickhe’s indicated he has a 102F temperature and that prisoners are sharing around any over-the-counter medications they can spare. Paul also said he was receiving antibiotics, although if he has the cold virus he thinks he has, it’s not clear why the prison medical staff would prescribe them.
He continues to struggle to call the US Embassy, as the prison warden will not approve the phone number he has been attempting to call. The goal appears to make consular support for Paul as difficult as possible,” hy het gesê.
The Federal Penitentiary Service said Whelan sought help at the medical unit of the Mordovian colony where he is imprisoned and hadsigns of a seasonal illness,” but his condition issatisfactory.
    CNN has reached out to the State Department for comment. The US Embassy in Moscow said itis aware of reports that U.S. citizen Paul Whelan is unwell.
    We are in touch with the Whelan family, and we are working through Russian official channels to regain consular access to Paul,” the embassy said.
    Paul Whelan was convicted of espionage and sentenced to 16 years in prison last June. Whelanwho is also an Irish, British and Canadian citizenwas detained at a Moscow hotel in December 2018 by Russian authorities who alleged he was involved in an intelligence operation. He has denied the charges and US officials have condemned his sentencing.
    Op Dinsdag, State Department spokesperson Ned Price expressed concern for Whelan and another American detained in Russia, Trevor Reed.
    We continue to be seriously concerned over the treatments of American citizens Paul Whelan and Trevor Reed. Both men traveled to Russia as tourists, were arrested, and were then convicted without credible evidence,” Price said at a State Department briefing. “We hope Russia will do the right thing and return them to their families in the United States. They have been deprived of their freedom for far too long. We’ll continue to speak out on behalf of those cases.
    The Whelans participated in the call Secretary of State Tony Blinken held with the families of US hostages and detainees on Tuesday and had high praise for the gesture by the top US diplomat.
    It is one thing to talk about caring and it is another to act. This conference call with families was an action that showed that the State Department is listening. It was good to hear Secretary Blinken discuss the need to use relationshipswith other US agencies and foreign nationsand toolslegislativelyenacted options like the Levinson Act for hostage support and for sanctionsto find ways to gain our family membersfreedom. I will be looking forward to seeing those words become actions to try to bring American hostages home,” David Whelan said Wednesday.
      Elizabeth Whelan told CNN Tuesday evening thatto be invited to a virtual call so many days into Secretary Blinken’s new position, was really quite incredible just in and of itself. The fact of the call itself was a surprise, a delightful surprise.
      She said Blinken promised to bevery clear and transparent with the families as to what was going on, what wasn’t going to happen, so that we understood exactly where we stood regarding the different cases.

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