'American Idol' winner Caleb Johnson says his winning single was a 'piece of crap'

最初の曲 “アメリカンアイドル” シーズン 13 コンテストで優勝した後にリリースされたチャンピオンのカレブ・ジョンソンは、クラシックロックのオマージュでした “あなたが私を愛している限り。” But he couldn’t stand singing it.

とのインタビューで インサイダー tied to the 20th anniversary of the reality competition series, Johnson criticized his debut single, それを “cheesy piece of crap.
“アイドル” finalists often perform new, previously unrecorded songs in the show’s final weeks. The winners will often release the original song after the series concludes, including hits like Kelly Clarkson’sA Moment Like This” そして Phillip PhillipsHome.
    But Johnson’s single didn’t achieve the same success as those songs. He said he argued with producers to change the song, knowing that the season’s winner would have to sing it on the final episode and eventually record it.
      If you won, you had to sing the song, and the song was just utter crap,” Johnson told Insider. “お気に入り, it was just the worst song ever.
        Johnson went on to record the song as hiswinner’s single,” though he told Insider that it was near-identical to a 2012 song that a finalist from the South African version of the show had released.
          ジョンソン, a Asheville, North Carolina native, competed on the show’s 13th season, 放送された 2014. With renditions ofSympathy for the Devil” そして “The Edge of Glory,” he emerged that season as a unique rock vocalist. He’s gone on to release two albums, 最近では 2019, と “Born From Southern Ground.
            “アメリカンアイドル” has produced several notable winners over its last 20 年, including Clarkson, Carrie Underwood and Fantasia Barrino, とりわけ. Contestants who didn’t win but went on to find mainstream fame include Jennifer Hudson, Adam Lambert and Katherine McPhee.