American patriotism hits a new low

On the eve of July Fourthour annual celebration of American independence (and fireworks!) — pride in being an American has hit a record low in new Gallup polling.

少于 4 在 10 — 38% — of adults said they wereextremelyproud to be Americans, the lowest ever measure by Gallup, which has been asking the question since 2001.
    的 38% of proud Americans is well below the average of 55% since the question has been asked. 事实上, 先于 2015, Gallup had never found those expressing “因为……原因……” pride lower than 55%.
      The decline in extreme American pride is due, in large part, to marked declines among Republicans and independents.
        While Republicans are still the group most likely to express extreme pride in the country, that number is now down to 58% — a steep drop from the 75% who said the same in 2019.
        Among independents, 只是 34% said they were extremely proud of America today, 和....相比 41% who said the same in 2019.
          That number among Democrats actually rose marginally over the last three years — 从 22% 至 26%.
          As Gallup notes, the poll was in the field at a uniquely difficult time.
          These data are from a June 1-20 poll that was conducted after mass shootings in Buffalo, 纽约, 和乌瓦尔德, 德州, 声称 31 lives including 19 孩子们. … The polling also preceded the U.S. Supreme Court’s highly anticipated and controversial ruling overturning 鱼卵. 韦德,” writes Gallup’s Megan Brenan.
          但, while this may be a challenging moment, the longer-term decline in trust in Americaand the institutions that compose itis not new.
          We are in an era of declining trust in institutionsall institutionsthat were once considered the bedrock of American society.
          Take the Supreme Court. 在 2001, 62% of Americans had favorable impressions of the nation’s highest court, 根据盖洛普. Twenty years later that number is at just 40% — and almost certainly will go lower in the wake of the Roe ruling.
            重点: All of these numbers point to a startling realitythe ties that bind us together as a nation are loosening with every passing day.