Americans are 'angry' and Democrats are 'nervous' over Joe Biden's policies: Jesse Watters

JESSE AGUAS: Es fin de semana de Acción de Gracias, un tiempo para contar nuestras bendiciones. Pero muchos estadounidenses están enojados este año. Estas vacaciones rompen el banco para tantos, gracias a nuestro incompetente líder. Joe Biden’s a horrible president. He’s ineffective and completely out of touch. Americans are tired of his lies and broken promises, and it’s showing more than ever. He hit a record low approval at 36%. Polls show Democrats don’t want him to run in 2024, but Joe’s now telling them he’s running, just to try to calm them down.

They’re nervous because he keeps dropping the ball. America’s worst newspaper, el Washington Post, says Democrat strategists and officials doubt he’s running in 2024. His party doesn’t even believe him anymore.

His policies are hurting the economy. Inflation’s at a record high. American’s can’t afford gas – it’s averaging nearly $ 3.50 a gallon. Americanos [son] still stranded in Afghanistan. Joe’s opened the border, COVID cases on the rise, criminales [son] running loose on the streets. The list is endless when it comes to his fumbles, and all at your expense, por supuesto.

Biden’s lost the American people, but you probably already know that if you watchWatters’ World.


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