Americani finiti 30 hanno bevuto di più durante la pandemia di coronavirus, la ricerca mostra

Americani finiti 30 hanno bevuto di più durante la pandemia di coronavirus rispetto a questo periodo dell'anno scorso, e potrebbero esserci conseguenze per la loro salute fisica e mentale, i ricercatori hanno riferito martedì.

Overall frequency of alcohol consumption increased by about 14% a partire dal 2019, the researchers reported in the journal JAMA Network Open. That increase averages out to about one additional drinking day per month by 75% of adults.
RAND Corporation sociologist Michael Pollard and colleagues analyzed a nationally representative sample of 1,540 people ages 30 per 80. The participants completed a survey about their drinking habits between April 29 e giugno 9 di 2019 and then again between May 28 e giugno 16 di 2020.
The volunteers reported they drank alcohol on more days every week. They also reported increases in the number of drinks they had; the number of heavy drinking days; and the number of alcohol related problems over the last 30 days between 2019 e 2020.
    Frequency of drinking increased by 17% among women, 19% among people aged 30 per 59 e da 10% among White people.
    Heavy drinking among women increased by 41% — about one additional day of heavy drinking for one in every five women. Nearly one in 10 donne, o 39%, reported an increase in alcohol-related problems, the researchers found.
      At times of lockdown during the COVID-19 pandemic, alcohol consumption can exacerbate health vulnerability, risk-taking behaviors, mental health issues and violence,” the World Health Organization said in April.
      The researchers say it’s important to watch for whether the increases in alcohol consumption persist over the pandemic, and whether there will be physical and mental health consequences as a result.

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