Gli americani affermano che l'attenzione della Florida sulla legge e sull'ordine la rende più sicura di New York, ma la paura rimane

“Sicuramente non mi sentirei al sicuro in città,” Madison, uno studente dell'Università di Tampa cresciuto a Long Island, ha detto a Fox News.

It’s just crazy what’s going on, soprattutto quello che è appena successo in metropolitana,” lei ha aggiunto. “It’s just nuts right now. Not safe.

Tampa Police vehicle in downtown Tampa, Fl.

Tampa Police vehicle in downtown Tampa, Fl. (Matt Leach/Fox Digital)

Makayla, also a UT student, agreed with Madison.

My brother works in the city, and he tells me all these crazy stories, so that’s definitely a no for me,” ha detto a Fox News.


Madison said of Tampa: “I think that it’s a pretty safe area, ma allo stesso tempo, I don’t think I would walk around alone at night in the city.

New York, New York (iStock)

New York, New York (iStock) (iStock)

Randy, from Tampa, ha detto a Fox News: “I’ve lived here my entire life. I’ve never had a problem. I’m out and about all the time. It seems really safe to me.

I feel like wherever there is night life, people getting out at 2 o 3 a.m., there is always more of a problem there,” Randy continued.

Tampa, Fl

Tampa, Fl (Matt Leach/Fox Digital)

New York City has faced 112 omicidi from the beginning of the year through April 17 – more than five times the number of homicides in Tampa, police data from the two cities show.

Earl said he thinks Florida is safer than New York because the Sunshine State prioritizes security.

The difference is you’ve got an emphasis on law and order and orderly procedures and security in Florida,” Earl told Fox News. “I don’t see that you have that there, and I used to work in New York City for three years.

Florida is a popular destination for people looking to escape the Big Apple, un recent Redfin study mostrato. The number of residents flowing into Tampa has tripled from two years ago, e Miami was the top destination per outgoing New Yorkers, lo studio ha trovato.

It’s just a lot more chill in Tampa,” una donna, Becky, ha detto a Fox News. “We were just in New York, so yeah, definitely feel safer here and more calm.

Isabelle McDonnell contributed to this report.