America's airline travel 'becoming third-world:' David Asman

DAVID ASMAN: 잘, we are in many ways becoming third world in the way we operate. And so much of it had to do with believing that the government could solve the problem by spending our money. 가장 먼저, government has to take a role. The FAA is easy to spread criticism at the airlines, but they didn’t monitor the spending of that money, 이었다, 그런데, 이상 $ 54 십억. We spent $ 29 billion in grants to airlines for payroll support, even though right now we have 28,000 fewer workers than we did in December 2019.

마사 맥칼럼: 돈은 어디로 갔습니까?


ASMAN: That’s a great question … It went to keep workers there temporarily, but clearly many of them left and just said, “The heck with it, I’m leaving this job. I don’t need it.Maybe some of it went to pensions. 누가 알아? $ 25 billion went to passenger carriers directly where they spent money. $ 4 billion went to cargo operators. And then there was $ 25 billion in loan and loan guarantees and a lot of that was utilized as well. So you’re talking, it could be up to $ 80 billion that we spent. It’s this insane idea that government spending will cure a problem. It doesn’t. It usually makes matterswe spent $ 200 billion on the schools, 생각해 내다, K through 12to get them open. And the three COVID relief bills, we spent $ 200 십억. Where did that money go? We don’t know.


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