'America's Most Wanted Overtime': How accused couple's lust for luxury could reveal whereabouts

According to their FBI profiles, 都 约翰Julieanne Dimitrion are described as havingexpensive tastesin clothing, cars, 首饰, 和更多, with host Nancy Grace noting that greed-inspired criminalscan give up a lot, but they can’t give up a lavish lifestyle.

Theirs are among the newest white-collar-crime profiles to be added to the site, featuring in the first and second positions on the page.


Their Bonnie-and-Clyde-like behaviorhaving reportedly been operating a mortgage fraud scheme that preyed on older and, often sick, 受害人 – with many losing their homesdidn’t last long before they were ultimately indicted in early 2009. Two months after their indictment, the Dimitrions pleaded guilty to ‘operating a fraud scheme in which they used their companies to convince distressed homeowners to relinquish their homes with the premise of improving the victimsfinancial position.The couple reportedly used the proceeds from the home sales to fund their lust for luxury.

The dangerous duo allegedly fled Hawaii on a private plane after failing to appear at their sentencing date on July 6th of the following yearand their whereabouts have remained unknown since.

Forensics expert Sheryl McCollum, remarked to Grace that, while the couple who loves living large remains large, “you cannot go from a Maserati to the woods…they’ve [the Dimitrions] got to go back to what they started their life of crime for,” suggesting that the pair is likely somewhereconning and schemingtheir way back into a lavish lifestyle.


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