Amid accounts of 'appalling' and 'brutal' treatment of fans at the Champions League Final, lawmakers call for answers

There is a blame game going on after the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, with differing positions adopted by lawmakers in the UK and France amid allegations of “骇人听闻的” 和 “野蛮” treatment of fans.

The match was delayed by 35 分钟 after Liverpool fans struggled to enter the Stade de France and tear gas was used by French police towards supporters held in tightly packed areas.
在星期一, French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin said counterfeit tickets were to blame for the delay, saying there was “巨大的, industrial and organized fraud of fake tickets” 然后 “30,000 至 40,000 English fansfound themselves at the Stade de France either without a ticket or with falsified tickets.
    欧足联, the governing body of European football, also said the buildup of fans at turnstiles was caused by fake tickets.
      Those figures have been disputed, while UK lawmaker Ian Byrne said attributing crowds and delays to fake tickets wasutter nonsenseand an attempt from French authorities and UEFA to cover their backs.
        Liverpool fans are held at the gates -- with many feeling the effects of tear gas -- ahead of the Champions League final.

        There has been widespread criticism towards the treatment of fans at the hands of the French authorities deployed for the game.
        Photos and videos circulated on social media show Liverpool supporters crammed into fenced areas and tear gas used by police.
          Byrne, a UK Member of Parliament for Liverpool West Derby who says he was at the match as a Liverpool fan, described the situation outside the stadium asone of the most horrendous experiences of my life.
          I have honestly never witnessed such a hostile environment for a football match. It was truly horrific,” 他 in a letter calling for the UK government to press for a formal investigation into the events outside the Stade de France on Saturday.
          Many elderly people, 孩子们, disabled people, asthma sufferers and families out for a day to remember were among those pepper sprayed,” 他加了.
          Mayor of Liverpool Joanne Anderson also called for the UK government to take action and said she wasdisgusted by appalling management & brutal treatmentof Liverpool fans, while the club has also called for a formal investigation into what it calledunacceptable issuesfaced by fans.
          在星期一, the spokesman to Boris Johnson said the UK Prime Minister ishugely disappointedby the way fans were treated and described footage from outside the stadium asdeeply upsetting and disturbing,” according to PA media.
          Police officers guard the Stade de France prior to Saturday's Champions League final.

          Real Madrid won Saturday’s final 1-0 to claim the club’s 14th European title.
          As confusion spread ahead of kickoff, videos emerged on social media of peoplewith no clear affiliation to a teamscaling fences around the stadium and running into the ground.
          Stuart Fraser, a Liverpool fan who traveled to Paris for the game, said there waspushing and shovingin queues withno informationfrom authorities on how to get into the stadium.
          It got really, really tight, people started panicking, there were kids, there were old people, it was crushing,” 他 told beIN Sports, adding that fans werepolite” 和 “calmwhile waiting to get into the ground.
          Liverpool defender Andy Robertson also said that crowd management around the final hadnot been well organized.
            The Scotland international 告诉天空体育 that one of his friends had been accused by security of having a fake ticket, even though that ticket had been sourced by Robertson himself through the club.
            Merseyside Police, who attended the game in an observatory and advisory capacity, 说过the vast majority of fans behaved in an exemplary manner, arriving at turnstiles early and queuing as directed.