Amr Moussa Fast Facts

Here’s a look at the life of Amr Moussa, Egyptian diplomat, ambassador and former minister of foreign affairs.


생일: 십월 3, 1936
출생지: 카이로, 이집트
    아버지: Muhammad Moussa
    결혼: Laila (Badawy) 무사 (1968-선물)
    어린이들: Hazem Moussa; Hania Moussa
    교육: Cairo University, L.L.B., 1957

    타임 라인

    1958-1972 – Works in several different governmental departments including Egypt’s missions to the United Nations.
    1974-1977 – Assistant to the Egyptian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
    1977-1981 – Director of the Department of International Organizations in Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    1981-1983 – Alternate Egyptian representative to the UN.
    1983-1986 – Egyptian Ambassador to India.
    1986-1990 – Director of the Department of International Organizations in Egypt’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    1990-1991 – Permanent representative of Egypt to the UN.
    1991-2001 – Egyptian Minister for Foreign Affairs.
    2001-2011 – Sixth Secretary General of the League of Arab States.
    유월 13, 2010 – Moussa meets with Hamas leader Ismail Haniya in Gaza, the first senior Arab leader to visit Gaza since 2006.
    이월 4, 2011 – Moussa participates in demonstrations in Cairo seeking to oust Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. On a French radio station, he hints at presidential aspirations, “I am available to my country. I am ready to serve as a citizen who is entitled to be a candidate.
    이월 27, 2011 – Announces that he will run for president.
    할 수있다 23-24, 2012 – Loses the presidential election as the majority of votes for president are cast for Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsy and former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafik, forcing a runoff election between the two in June.
    유월 24, 2012 – Egypt’s national elections commission announces that Morsy has defeated former Prime Minister Ahmed Shafiq in presidential run-off elections with 51.7% 투표의. Moussa asks the presidentto head an emergency government of technocratsfor six to 12 개월, according to state-run news agency MENA.
    12 월 2012 – CNN reports on the recent formation of the National Salvation Front, a coalition of several liberal parties and prominent political figures including Moussa, Hamdeen Sabbahi, Mohamed ElBaradei and Usama Ghazali Harb.
      행진 2013 – US Secretary of State John Kerry meets with Moussa and others in Egypt while on his first overseas trip since becoming secretary.
      구월 2017 – Volume one of Moussa’s memoirs, 제목 “Ketabiyah” (“My Testimony”), is published.




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