'AMW' reboot leads to two captures, closes with plea from fugitive's son on 'Overtime' show

In June of 2019, officials say Arias was charged with conspiracy, money laundering, theft, illegal control of an enterprise, forgery, and additional counts of fraudulent scheming. Nine months later, in March of 2020 after failing to appear for his court date, Arias was charged federally with ‘unlawful flight to avoid prosecution in the United States District Court for the District of Arizona.

When asked by Grace what his message to his father would be, Nic Arias said he hopes ‘he turns himself in,’ even after the host pointedly noted that he would be subjecting himself to ‘hard jail time.

“この時点で, it’s like he’s dead,” explained the younger Arias, lending to his stance that Frederick turning himself inregardless of the punishmentwould be ‘worth it.

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Who likes to look over their shoulder all the time? I know I wouldn’t,” said Arias. “Maybe he’ll come to realize that.

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