An Alaska doctor was sentenced to nearly 3 미국 국회의사당 공격이 월요일에 집행유예 3년을 선고받기 전날 집회

An Alaska doctor was sentenced to nearly three years in prison after five of his patients overdosed and died from opioids he illegally prescribed them, 당국은 말했다.

알래스카 의사는 5명의 환자가 불법적으로 처방한 아편유사제를 과다복용하고 사망한 후 거의 3년형을 선고받았습니다., 64, pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful dispensing and distribution of a controlled substance, court documents state.
Chisholm illegally wrote more than 20,000 prescription’s including oxycodone, methadone, hydrocodone, morphine, tramadol, 펜타닐, hydromorphone and buprenorphine to about 350 patients between January 2014 그리고 10 월 2019, prosecutors said Tuesday in a news release. A charging document indicates he continued prescribing such drugs until October 2020.
      An extensive undercover investigation revealed that Chisholm routinely distributed the controlled substances without administering a medical exam and without a legitimate medical purpose. He also did not develop pain management plans for his patients and his record keeping was virtually non-existent,” the US Attorney’s Office for the District of Alaska said in the 보도 자료.
        Chisholm intentionally gave his patients highly addictive and potentially lethal dosages and quantities of opioids, according to Frank A. Tarentino III, special agent in charge of the Drug Enforcement Administration’s Seattle Field Division.
          In some cases, Chisholm would change the names of his patients while writing prescriptions so the patients could, “continue to refill their drugs without raising red flags from Medicare or their private insurance,” 보도 자료는 말했다.
          “슬프게도, 박사. Chisholm sacrificed his reputation as a patient advocate and his years of service to the Alaskan community by overprescribing opioids,” Nick Oberheiden, Chisholm’s attorney, told CNN in an emailed statement. “He expressed his sincere remorse in open court and he accepts the consequences of his misconduct. He hopes that his case serves as a warning to other physicians facing the same dilemma when treating chronic pain.
            Provisional data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows that a record number of people died of drug overdoses during the one-year period ending June 2021. 추정 101,263 people in the United States died of a drug overdose in the 12-month period ending June 2021 — up nearly 21% from a year earlier, CNN 보도.
            Chisholm must be supervised for three years after his release and pay a $ 25,000 좋아, 검사는 말했다.

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