An early preview of winter for the western half of the US

이상 100 places from the Pacific Ocean to the Great Lakes region could set record cold temperatures during the next few days as Old Man Winter arrives early.

동시에, parts of the Rocky Mountains could pick up more than a foot of snow, which could provide welcome relief to firefighters battling wildfires in Colorado, 몬태나, Utah and Wyoming.
After a rollercoaster of temperatures in the last few days across much of the Mountain West and northern Plains, another shot of even colder air will arrive Sunday night into Monday. The frigid air will keep high temperatures from going above freezing as far south as the Texas and Oklahoma panhandles.
일요일에, areas from Bismarck, 노스 다코타, to Denver to San Angelo, 텍사스 — and everywhere in betweenwill see temperatures 20 ...에 25 degrees below normal. 월요일에, that same region will be 25 ...에 40 degrees below normal.
    달라스, which saw a high of 62 degrees Saturday, will jump back up to near 80 degrees on Sunday, and then back down to a high temperature only in the mid-40s on Tuesday.
    덴버에서, which experienced afternoon temperatures in the low 60s on Saturday, will have temperatures only in the mid-teens on Sunday afternoon. It won’t improve much by Monday, when high temperatures will only reach the low 20s.
    Midland, Texas has a chance to break records for both heat and cold only 24 hours apart,” said Haley Brink, CNN meteorologist.
    Midland’s forecast high on Sunday is 90 도, the same as the current record high set in 2011. 다음날, the forecast high temperature is 44 도, which would go down as the coldest high temperature for that date since 1936 when it only got down to 50 도.
    San Angelo may be in a similar situation since its forecast high on Sunday is also 90 degrees and the current record is 91 degrees from 1950. 그때, 다만 24 몇 시간 후, the city is forecast to hit a high temperature of only 47 도, which would be two degrees colder than the previous record for coldest high temperature on that date since 1932.

    Record snowfall

    It is officially the snowiest October on record for Minneapolis and more snow is on the way. 금요일 현재, the Twin Cities had picked up 8.9 겨울 폭풍이 중서부에 폭설을 가져온다, breaking the old record of 8.2 set back in 1991.
    Eau Claire, 위스콘신, 그리고 성. 구름, 미네소타, have each picked up more than 7 inches as of Saturday. Both cities have had their snowiest Octobers on record, each beating previous records by more than an inch.
    The snowy forecasts are not limited to the Midwest, 하나. Winter weather alerts are in effect from Idaho to Iowa.
    Many locations will see up to 6 inches by Monday morning for the lower elevations. For the higher elevations in the northern and central Rockies, snowfall totals could exceed 1 발.
    Some locations will have heavy bands of snow combined with gusty winds which will bring visibility levels very low, so caution is advised for travelers in the next few days.

    Snow will help battle wildfires

    올해 지금까지, Colorado has had two of its largest wildfires in recorded history, neither of which are fully contained. The frontal system forecast to move through the state is both a good thing and a bad thing. Good because of the added moisture, but bad because of the gusty winds.
    The leading edge of that cold front on Saturday brought very low humidity levels and sustained winds around 20-30 mph. Gusts were even higher up around the 50-60 mph range, making it very easy to spread the already extensive fires.
      Sunday brings the good partmoisture in the form of snow and a quite a bit of it. Adding moisture and reduced winds will go a long way in helping the firefighters battling multiple blazes throughout the state.
      Much welcome relief on the way for Colorado from late Saturday night through Monday with much colder temperatures and snow,” the National Weather Service in Boulder, 콜로라도, said in its forecast. “This will be a huge help to the current fire situation and alleviate the worsening drought conditions. Expect a nice blanket of snow on our current fires by Monday morning!”




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